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What We Do

Areneco enables Medical Device Manufacturers to provide their customers with Instructions For Use (IFUs) documentation online.

The benefits to the End User are many; one central online portal for all IFU documentation, instant updates to revisions, ability to share the IFU documentation easily across a network of professionals within the healthcare organisation, and a communication channel allowing easy access to the manufacturer, the advantages over hard copy are many.

eIFUs reduce cost, risk, and environmental impact, while increasing supply chain efficiency and ensuring compliance for the Manufacturer.

Meet the Team


Eoghan Kenny

Founder & CEO

  • 12+ years experience as senior manager of quality, information security and continuous improvement within a medical device supply business – customers include; Medtronic, Covidien, Lake Region, Creganna, Trinity Biotech, Surmodics and Advant Medical among others.
  • 10+ years experience as an independent quality and management consultant
  • In addition to industry knowledge, Eoghan has led the successful development and global commercialisation of a consumer safety product.



Tom Horgan


  • 25+ years’ experience as an IT Professional
  • Founder and MD of Genbase Solutions Ltd
    • Customers include Chanelle Pharmaceuticals, Dell, Eason's and Green Isle Foods
  • Previous: Software Development Director in BSM Ireland


Areneco - A Brief History

The original concept for Areneco came about in early 2012 while reading a MedTech newsletter. This contained information on draft EU regulations that would allow Medical Device Companies use electronic means to make their IFUs available to their Customers, the End Users. Similar regulations had been introduced in the US previous to this, but the market was limited to the US and so only very large Medical Device Companies, with operations selling solely to the US market, were adopting these through in house document management. Until the EU regulation was introduced in March 2013, Medical Devices were required to be accompanied by a printed IFU anywhere outside the US. These IFUs come in various forms; leaflets, booklets and manuals. By their nature, these are costly, inefficient, negatively impacted the environment, and required many labour hours to manage both within the supply chain, and to ensure compliance and mitigate the associated risk of inaccurate information reaching the End User.

During 2012-2013, Eoghan Kenny mapped out the concept and refined the idea. Given the nature of the Target Market, their size and the regulated nature of the sector, it was a requirement to not only have a strong concept, but a strong team. In October 2013 Areneco Ltd was formed, and Tom Horgan joined the team as CTO.

Since 2014, the management team has been working diligently to build the software whilst ensuring compliance with all regulations and customer requirements. In March 2017, Areneco became certified to ISO 27001, providing the certification and management systems to provide customers with the confidence they need to move to eIFUs.

Why Choose Areneco?

  • There is no other solution that can offer this level of innovation in terms of Compliance, Risk Reduction and Process Efficiency.
  • This software ensures regulatory compliance and risk reduction. It is validated, certified to ISO27001 and compliant with FDA 21CFR.
  • Our software replaces an integral and costly part of the current supply chain, removing steps from the manufacturing process.
  • We enable you to replace Printed IFUs with on-line document management and provide access to end users.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss how Areneco can help you deliver your IFUs via the web or to schedule a demo, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help in whatever way we can.